American girl doll molly meet outfit

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American girl doll molly meet outfit

Meet the Dolls Here is a place to learn all about each of the dolls that live in Friendship Valley! She is an incoming 10th grader at Friendship Valley School for Girls.

She is a professional ballet dancer and a ballet teacher in Friendship Valley. She is a big helper to all her younger sisters. She loves babysitting little kids. Her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite color is pink.

American girl doll molly meet outfit

Kirsten Anne Larson Kirsten is 14 and loves to cook. She has her own cooking show in Friendship Valley. Kirsten is also a school teacher to the younger children. She likes ballet and babysitting as well. Her favorite food is brownies.

Her favorite colors are pink and blue.

American girl doll molly meet outfit

She loves fairy tales, especially Cinderella. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She is Kirsten's twin sister too! She is a very talented artist who loves to draw and paint. One of her favorite things to do is go shopping!

She likes ballet as well. Her favorite food is cake. Her favorite colors are violet, purple, and pink. She is very girly. She loves fashion, pink, nail polish, lip gloss, purses, and shopping!

Charlotte loves ballet and is always practicing with Felicity. She also tap dances and recently did at the Friendship Valley 4th of July Celebration.

Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Her favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite color is Chrissa is very girly like Charlotte. She loves swimming and ballet. She loves listening to Justin Beiber's and the Jonas Brother's music. She also loves singing to her favorite tunes.

She loves being outdoors and wishes she had a pet llama. One of her favorite games is jump rope.American Girl Molly Doll With School Outfit Plus Christmas Dress And Pajamas.

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As you can see above, my doll Abbey is wearing the same hat and 'shirt-jac' which was part of the outfit the dolls came in. Jan 01,  · First of all, let me say. I FEEL TERRIBLE.

As you know, I haven’t posted for over 2 months, plus even then I was hardly posting. Well, it’s not as if I’ve not been online. The outfit that is called her meet outfit isn't actually the outfit that we meet her in at the start of her first book-just like the Addy doll doesn't come dressed in her slave clothes but is instead attired in the first outfit she received as a free outfit came out in .

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