Esl and lack of esl teachers essay

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Esl and lack of esl teachers essay

What if I told you there were a way to actually use poor writing samples to boost writing quality? Can you point out the problems with this passage? There are many reasons to have a college degree, like getting a good job in the future.

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The cost of college education is increasing and making it difficult for some students to get a college degree nowadays. Phrases are repeated without adding anything to the development of the idea.

If this were part of a longer essay, you could expect more of the same lack of specifics to develop the main idea.

Esl and lack of esl teachers essay

As ESL teachers, we need to be able to show students how to turn passages like this into clear, coherent sentences for their essays. When we teach students to write better, we usually use grammar explanations and provide examples of proper sentence structure. We may also provide students with mistakes to improve their proofreading skills.

This is an important skill for ESL students to learn, but it will only take them so far in essay writing. If we want our ESL students to reach the next level, we need to show them what we mean by poor writing.

Esl and lack of esl teachers essay

The sentences and paragraphs in examples of poor writing will be grammatically correct, so the writing mistakes will be weak vocabulary and a lack of sentence variety, cohesion and logic.

These are not writing problems that most ESL students will be able to identify easily. In some cases, the writing style and logical flow of sentences will make sense to students from certain cultural and linguistic backgrounds; circular reasoning and generalizing are common in some regions.

And this method of discussing poor writing will assist in the process. However, it will still get them thinking about content. This is where you need to begin the classroom discussion.

Ask your students what information they got out of the text.

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Was the text clear? Did it present an argument with specific examples to back up the argument? If it presents an argument, is it logical? After tearing the specific arguments apart, you can move on to the flow of the sentences and paragraphs.This Article Includes. Finding a Good Topic.

Deciding on the Best Solution. How to Write an Excellent Essay.

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Effective Writing Tips for Problem Solution Essays. This is made worse by the lack of zeal among the native teachers to learn these different cultures and become part of the ESL learning community (Zimmerman 17). In most instances, the trainers fail to reflect on how their sociocultural backgrounds impact on their .

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Feb 09,  · I think that most English teachers who plan to stay in Korea for more than a few years hope to eventually get a university job. There are reasons for this. Part of the most comprehensive and best-maintained list of links for students and teachers of English as a second language.

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