How to write a fundraising proposal letter

The Internet, e-mail, social media and scores of other new fundraising tactics have emerged over the past few decades, and many of them work well… but despite what you may have heard, direct mail fundraising, annual appeal letters, and other fundraising mailings are still raising millions of dollars for non-profits year in and year out. This means no high-brow language! Direct mail studies have shown that the best letters are written on about a sixth-grade level. Great letters feel conversational… they sound like someone is talking to you.

How to write a fundraising proposal letter

City, State and Zip Dear [name], The [insert your event here] will [insert a sentence about what the event will enable your organization to do]. This year's [name of event] is a [what you do during the event and where - such as a 30 mile walk across a city name] will be held on [insert event date here].

This event requires a tremendous commitment from walkers [or whatever your event participants do], who not only prepare for months to have the stamina to complete this event, but also raise a minimum of [whatever amount is the minimum] in donations just to participate. This year, I'm walking [or whatever it is you will do]!

I've made this commitment and need your help to meet my goal of [insert goal amount here], so that I can participate.

how to write a fundraising proposal letter

There are many organizations out there fundraising for worthy causes, but I hope that you will donate to [organization and event name here] and help them [whatever it is the organization does here - make sure it is different than the above paragraph].

Please take this opportunity to support the [name of event and organization here]. Your donation will do so much to help [describe the people or community briefly that the event supports]. I hope that I can count on you to help support [insert the name of the event here] and will follow up with you in a few days.

Sincerely, Your telephone Your email address P.

Fundraising Event Proposal Template

If you want to find out more about the [name of event here], please give me a call or log onto their website at [insert web address here].

Requesting Sponsor Informal - Sample Letter. Dear Uncle Jack [or personal variation of their name], I am writing to ask for your help.

You won't believe what I have gone and gotten myself into this time. I am going to walk [or whatever you plan to do] in [the name of the event here] for the [insert the name of the organization holding the event here].

My body is already in nervous shock from the anticipation of walking [or whatever you will be doing]. Your help would be greatly appreciated. No, I don't expect you to walk along side of me - so you can breathe that sigh of relief! But a donation to the [insert organization name here] in order to sponsor me in the walk [or whatever event you will be doing] would be wonderful!

If you can help, please make your check payable to [insert name of organization here] and return it to me in the envelope I have provided. Then you can sit back with your lemonade, while I am walking [or whatever activity you will be doing for the event] across [insert name of city here]!

Thank you so much! Your niece [or whatever relationship you are to the person], [Insert your name here] Donation Request - Sample Letter Dear [insert name of business or business owner here], [Insert a general statement about the type of people you serve and what it is that they need here].

how to write a fundraising proposal letter

The [insert the name of your organization here] is a place that offers [insert above listed benefit for above listed people]. However, today's tough economic conditions make it difficult for [insert name or the organization] to meet those needs without help from people like you.Fundraising Event Proposal Template A fundraising event proposal is a document that provides the detailed illustration about the planning of an event that is going to be organized for raising funds for need and poor or for some other specific objective.

Raising money even for a noble cause is difficult enough, on top of that writing a fundraising letter can be more intimidating as, most of the time, one gets stuck choosing the .

Political Fundraising Letter Tips

As much a proponent as I am of face-to-face asking, much of our work involves writing fundraising letters for our direct mail program. When I was the head of a small office (a one person office!), I didn't have professional copywriters built into our budget. Looking for a cheerleader sponsor letter sample?

Thousands of cheerleaders around the country are looking for ways to get sponsors, just like YOU. One of the best ways to find a sponsor is to write a school cheer sponsorship letter, sometimes known as a cheerleading sponsorship proposal.

Feb 24,  · Helpful hints on how to format and compose a Fundraising Letter using the correct wording, text, layout and format. Writing a Business or Personal letter can sometimes be difficult or tricky.

A Guide to Fundraising and Proposal Writing 3 Table of Content Fundraising 5 Before you start fundraising, you need to know what your fundraising goals are. Whether it is for a specific project, or to acquire funds for staff to run ongoing programmes you need to make a In your letter to them, say what kind of publicity.

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