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He sets out with his French servant Jean Passepartout to win the wager, unaware that he is being followed by a detective named Fix, who suspects Fogg of having robbed the Bank of England. In the second half of the book Fix helps Fogg in order to get him back to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelandwhere he will be under British jurisdiction and Fix can arrest him. Together, the trio have numerous exciting adventures which come to an abrupt end when he is arrested by Fix immediately upon their arrival back in England.

Phileas fogg essay

Steamer the China across the Atlantic Ocean to Liverpool and rail.

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Phileas fogg essay disembarking in Egypt, they are watched by a Scotland Yard detective, Detective Fix, who has been dispatched from London in search of a bank robber.

Since Fogg fits the vague description Scotland Yard was given of the robber, Detective Fix mistakes Fogg for the criminal. Since he cannot secure a warrant in time, Fix boards the steamer the Mongolia conveying the travelers to Bombay.

Fix becomes acquainted with Passepartout without revealing his purpose. Fogg promises the steamer engineer a large reward if he gets them to Bombay early. They dock two days ahead of schedule. After reaching India they take a train from Bombay to Calcutta.

Fogg learns that the Daily Telegraph article was wrong — the railroad actually ends at Kholby and starts again at Allahabad50 miles away. Fogg purchases an elephant, hires a guide, and starts toward Allahabad. They come across a procession in which a young Indian woman, Aoudais to undergo sati.

Since she is drugged with opium and hemp and is obviously not going voluntarily, the travelers decide to rescue her. They follow the procession to the site, where Passepartout takes the place of Aouda's deceased husband on the funeral pyre.

During the ceremony he rises from the pyre, scaring off the priests, and carries Aouda away. The twelve hours gained earlier are lost, but Fogg shows no regret.

The travelers hasten to catch the train at the next railway station, taking Aouda with them. At Calcutta, they board a steamer the Rangoon going to Hong Kong.

Fix has Fogg and Passepartout arrested. They jump bail and Fix follows them to Hong Kong. He shows himself to Passepartout, who is delighted to again meet his travelling companion from the earlier voyage. In Hong Kong, it turns out that Aouda's distant relative, in whose care they had been planning to leave her, has moved to Hollandso they decide to take her with them to Europe.

Passepartout becomes convinced that Fix is a spy from the Reform Club. Fix confides in Passepartout, who does not believe a word and remains convinced that his master is not a bank robber.

To prevent Passepartout from informing his master about the premature departure of their next vessel, the Carnatic, Fix gets Passepartout drunk and drugs him in an opium den.

Passepartout still manages to catch the steamer to Yokohama, but neglects to inform Fogg that the steamer is leaving the evening before its scheduled departure date. Fogg discovers that he missed his connection.An Englishman, Phileas Fogg, places a wager that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

The events that occur throughout the novel describe his journey around the world. Phileas Fogg, the protagonist, was a lonesome person who lived with his paid servant.

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How does Phileas Fogg's character develop over the course of the novel? As the novel begins, Phileas Fogg is characterized as a refined, unemotional man who sticks to his routine. He keeps to himself and has never developed strong bond with anyone.

His journey around the world in eighty days shakes. Phileas Fogg was mysterious in around the world in 80 days because he mostly just sits in his room all day and doesn’t really talk to anyone besides a few reformed members. My mom is the complete opposite of that she usually more obvious and open about things.

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Phileas fogg essay

My favourite plant essays My favourite plant essays essayist definitie protruzii. Phileas Fogg has just terminated his servant for failing to bring his shaving water at the required temperature, and Jean Passepartout comes to interview as the previous servant's replacement.

Passepartout is looking for employment with a stable English gentleman.

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