Writing apa style statistics table

Current challenges This post reviews some aspects of generating formatted tables using R suitable for inclusion in a manuscript conforming to APA style. I review my current workflow that involves a large amount of manual formatting in Excel. I then discuss what it would take to automate more of these manual steps in R.

Writing apa style statistics table

How cool did you feel? I actually felt kind of dorky. I almost fell asleep! You may have noticed a few differences between the citations in Tables 1 and 2. One is that the Table 2 notes—unlike the rows in Table 1—are not alphabetized. Specific notes are organized according to where the superscripts appear in the table, following the left-to-right and top-to-bottom order described on page in the Publication Manual.

Another difference is that Table 1 includes ampersands, whereas Table 2 spells out and. This helps save space because two fewer characters can sometimes make all the difference in such tight quarters.

Finally, direct quotations are presented in Table 2, so the citations in the table note include page numbers. However, you do not need to include page numbers when citing numerical data, as in Table 1.


The example tables in this post offer a very limited scope when considering the many different types of tables that can be found in the wilds of academic publishing—and they are admittedly a tad sillier than is typical.

However, the general citation guidelines they present can be easily adapted to just about any kind of table you might need to create. To find example tables that are more relevant to your needs, I recommend combing through journals that follow APA Style.

Posted by David Becker at The fourth and final step of navigating copyright for reproduced images is writing the copyright statement. All reproduced images including tables should be accompanied by an APA Style copyright permission statement and have a reference list entry except for those images sold to you under a license, as described in Part 2Sections B and C.

The reference list entry uses basically the same pieces, but in a different order.

General Rules

Here are example templates, copyright statements, and reference entries for images reproduced from journal articles, books, book chapters, and websites. Author, year, Title of Journal, Volume, p.

Copyright [year] by Name of Copyright Holder. Reprinted [or Adapted] with permission.

writing apa style statistics table

Ployhart,Journal of Applied Psychology,p. Copyright by the American Psychological Association. Corresponding reference entry McFarland, L. A contextual framework to guide research and practice.The first symbol is the unstandardized beta (B). This value represents the slope of the line between the predictor variable and the dependent variable.

So for Variable 1, this would mean that for every one unit increase in Variable 1, the dependent variable increases by units. Also similarly. Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of APA Members by Membership Status Associate Member Fellow Total N % N % N % N % N= 8, 80, 4, 93, The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences.

Is the table or figure necessary? For example, it is better to present simple descriptive statistics in the text.

General Format // Purdue Writing Lab

Note that APA style tables do not contain any vertical lines, so do not draw them in or use your word processor to generate them. Type the table number and then (on the next double spaced line) type the table title flush left and italicized. Use an italicized, uppercase N to report the number of cases in an entire sample.

For instance, N = As the Purdue University Online Writing Lab notes, use an italicized, lowercase n to report the number of cases in the portion of a sample, such as n = Association’s (APA) publication manual.

In SPSS, the statistical program often used to calculate statistics, output is not provided in APA format. Once a student obtains output from SPSS, he or she needs to take the output and format it in APA style when writing a statistical results section.

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